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Minnesota Civil Rights Attorneys

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The lawyers at Storms Dworak LLC have successfully pursued civil rights cases in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. They have recovered Millions of Dollars on behalf of individuals injured or killed in violation of their constitutional rights.

The award-winning trial lawyers at Storms Dworak LLC have a track record of handling complicated and high-profile civil rights violations. We have successfully pursued civil rights cases in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Our lawyers have successfully prosecuted civil rights violations related to police brutality, cruel and unusual punishment, free speech violations, and indifference to the welfare of foster children. We have the team and experience necessary to ensure that your rights are vindicated to the fullest extent possible.

In 2013, Jeff Storms was named an “Attorney of the Year” by Minnesota Lawyer for his work on a $3.075 Million Dollar police brutality wrongful death recovery — the largest police brutality wrongful death settlement in Minnesota History. In 2018, Jeff was again named an Attorney for the Year for his work on the Kendrea Johnson foster child suicide case, which resulted in a $1.5 Million Dollar settlement.

Also in 2018, Jeff accomplished the rare feat of winning at the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on back-to-back days in cases stemming from Jeff’s civil rights work in North and South Dakota. Michael v. Trevena, 2018 WL 3733563 (8th Cir. Aug. 7, 2018) (reversing D.N.D. opinion); Rokusek v. Jansen, 2018 WL 3748516 (8th Cir. Aug. 8, 2018) (affirming D.S.D. opinion).

In 2016, Paul Dworak was named Attorney of the Year for his work on a highly-publicized, free speech case. He represented a high school student who was unconstitutionally expelled for responding to a post on Twitter about his gym teacher. The case settled for $425,000. Paul also defended a young man shot by a police officer three times in the back. The State charged Paul’s client with first-degree assault to cover up the police shooting. Paul convinced a jury to acquit his client, saving him from at least ten years in prison. Paul and his partners then sued the police officer for excessive force. The case settled for $2.85 million.

Media coverage of our attorneys’ civil rights work can be seen here:

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Brooklyn Park Reaches $2.85M Settlement With Man Shot By Officer


Minneapolis settles police misconduct case for $3 million


Rogers student wins $425K settlement after suspension for tweeting he made out with teacher


State Settles Brutality Case Against Highway Patrol Trooper


Civil rights cases are extraordinarily challenging. Few law firms possess the combination of will, resources, and experience to successfully pursue these difficult cases. Our winning record on civil rights cases speaks for itself. If you believe your civil rights were violated, call Storms Dworak at 612.455.7050 for a free consultation.

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