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Minnesota Child Injury Attorneys

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As parents, there are few things that personally impact the lawyers at Storms Dworak as children who are injured or even killed by the unlawful conduct of others.  We vigorously fight for children who suffer injuries from car crashes, medical malpractice, government failures, and from many other abuses, including physical, mental, and sexual.  We pride ourselves on our compassion with our clients, but also in providing the most zealous advocacy possible on behalf of a harmed child and their family. 

Our lawyers have recovered $1+ Million Dollar settlements in child injury actions.  Minnesota Lawyer has named Jeff Storms one of its Attorneys of the Year four times.  Paul Dworak has received this Attorney of the Year Honor twice.  They have both been inducted into the “Circle of Excellence.” The partners at Storms Dworak are also perennially rated by Super Lawyers.

The attorneys at Storms Dworak have performed under the brightest spotlight possible.  Jeff Storms was part of the team that recovered $27 Million Dollars on behalf of the next of kin of George P. Floyd, Jr.  Lawyers from Storms Dworak have collectively either appeared on or have been quoted in most major national and local media outlets and publications, including CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the StarTribune, and many more.

The average person cannot afford the funds necessary to take on child injury actions.  We understand that which is why we do not charge clients any upfront fees to pursue these cases.  We cover case expenses and receive a portion of the recovery if we are successful. 

The lawyers at Storms Dworak care and have the experience and expertise necessary to help child injury victims recover the compensation they need and deserve.  If you believe your child was harmed by the wrongful conduct of another, call Storms Dworak at 612.455.7050 for a free consultation.

Our lawyers are licensed in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, in addition to various federal courts throughout the MidWest.

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