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Storms Dworak

The personal injury lawyers at Storms Dworak help people bitten or attacked by dogs and animals get just compensation.  We are award-winning trial lawyers that are as tough as we are smart.  Paul Dworak and Jeff Storms have won “Attorney of the Year” threetimesand are perennially rated by “Super Lawyers.”  We have helped injured people and children recover Millions of dollars, including six-figure settlement for dog bites.  If you, your child, or a loved one have been bitten or attacked by a dog or animal, call Paul (612 455-7056) or Jeff (612 455-7055) today.

Minnesota’s Dog Bite Law

Minnesota protects victims of dog bites.  Unlike motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, or other types of accidents, where the injured party must prove that the wrongdoer was negligent, Minnesota holds dog owners strictly liable.  If the dog attack occurs without provocation and in a place where the victim was legally allowed to be, the law holds the owner responsible and requires the owner pay for all the victim’s injuries.  It does not matter if the dog has never bit or attacked before or even showed any aggression whatsoever.  One bite is all it takes and the victim is entitled to for their full damages, including compensation for pain and suffering, scarring and other permanent disfigurement, past and future medical bills, including emergency room visits, rabies vaccinations, and scar revision surgeries, as well as lost wages and emotional damages, such as heightened anxiety, fear of dogs, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition, the dog owner’s homeowner or renter insurance will usually cover the damages, regardless of whether the attack occurred in the home or apartment, on the street or sidewalk, or even at a park, playground, or other location.  Insurance will also usually cover regardless of whether the victim is a friend, neighbor, or even a relative of the dog owner.  The victim commonly goes after the insurance money, not the dog owner’s property or possessions.

In addition to the dog’s true owner, the law holds liable anyone said to be “harboring” or “keeping” the dog, including landlords that are aware of the dog,  homeowners that allow a guest to bring a dog into their home, or a person’s dog sitting.

If you, your child, or your loved one have been bitten or attacked by a dog, call Paul Dworak (612 455-7056) or Jeff Storms (612 455-7055) today.  We are the award-winning trial lawyers you want on your side.