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Jeff Storms, along with Jeff Montpetit of SiebenCarey, filed a federal civil rights/wrongful death lawsuit in United States District Court, District of Minnesota, against Hennepin County, the agency’s personnel, and two Minnesota-based agencies and its staff members. The legal filing comes after the December 2014 suicide of “KZJ,” a six-year-old girl who was involuntarily removed from her mother’s care and placed into the Hennepin County foster care system in March 2014.

Coverage of this case can be viewed at: Lawsuit: State Gave Child Foster Care License to Known Abuser

Jeff Storms is presently litigating several of Minnesota’s most high-profile civil rights cases, including an ongoing challenge to the Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act (MIFPA) and the case against Saint Paul police officer, Heather Weyker, for fabricating evidence about a non-existent Somali sex-trafficking ring.  He has appeared on behalf of plaintiffs in federal courts located in Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Michigan.