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Newmark Storms partner Jeff Storms, in conjunction with Jeff Montpetit of SiebenCarey, recently resolved its important civil rights action against Hennepin County.  The County shall pay Kendrea’s next of kin $1.5 Million Dollars.

Kendrea was a 6-year-old foster child, who was removed from her family’s care and placed in the legal custody of Hennepin County.  As a result, Hennepin County owed Kendrea Johnson a duty to protect her and provide for her welfare and medical needs.  The suit alleged that Hennepin County failed to do so, and violated Kendrea’s 14th Amendment rights as a result.

This is an extremely sad story, and the case was pursued by Kendrea’s grandmother, Mary Broadus, who loved her deeply.  Despite being in foster care, Kendrea had family members who loved her very much, and tried to obtain custody of her.  Unfortunately, their efforts were unsuccessful, and this terrible tragedy followed.

Media coverage of this case can be viewed at:

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Hennepin County Agrees to Pay Out $1.5M in Lawsuit Stemming from Foster Child’s Death